Let’s start with an IKEA Hack!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we recently sold our first home and bought a new one. The first room we decided needed the most help in styling, was our dining room.

After selling all our dining furniture consisting of dining table with 12 chairs (Italian families!!!!!) and a buffet, we started the search for replacement items.

We wanted to have the ‘Hamptons’ feel to it as the house already had beautiful design elements to it.

We picked our dining table, chairs (not 12!!!) and the final piece of furniture, the IKEA liatorp console table with glass top.  I wasn’t very excited about it at first, as I thought it was ‘too safe’ an option for the look I wanted, then came THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT.  What if I removed the glass insert and put my own timber insert?  Something like a chevron pattern or a herringbone design.

Off I went to my local Bunnings.  I picked up some mdf and the friendly staff at Bunnings cut it to size for me and some strips of balsa wood.  This is thin wood that is used in craft and can be cut with a Stanley knife.


Balsa wood

I chose a chevron design, cut all my pieces and placed them onto the mdf.  I then glued all the pieces of wood onto the mdf with wood glue and put some heavy books on top to make sure they all dried straight.  A couple of days later I stained the wood to match the dining table and we are done!

Here are the before and after pics.



I love the way this looks.  It came out exactly the way I had envisioned.


A Close up of the design

A bit more styling with some storage boxes on the bottom shelf and we are done!

Next…..to find a mirror for above the console table.  Once this is done I will show you the entire room.

Thanks for reading.

Jo xx


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