Upstairs bathroom – hamptons house renovation reveal

I want to share with you our bathroom renovation.  We did this before we moved in.  It’s the upstairs bathroom so we thought it should be done prior to moving in as plumbers, tilers and builders would be going up and down stairs with toilets, tiles and other things trashing our new floors and carpet.

It’s not a huge bathroom, just enough room for a shower, toilet and basin.  So we wanted to make it bright and feel spacious.

These are our before pics.

It was neat and tidy, but not our style.  We had previously remodelled two bathrooms and knew exactly what direction to go in.  However, we needed to watch our costs on this project as we still had the whole house to renovate.

As demolition began, it was time to source our fixtures and fittings.  Most of our purchases were made online which saves time and everything is delivered to your door which is an added bonus!  The toilet was bought from Bunnings (one of my favourite stores) and the vanity was purchased from Gianni & Costa.

I’ve done a bit of tiling here and there, nothing this big and challenging, so this job needed the skill and expertise of a professional tiler.  We still painted the walls, trims and ceiling.  It’s a shame I don’t have a before photo of the ceiling.  It was dark timber panelling, (like in the Norska ads in the 80’s).


Anyway, I digress.

We love the current trend of matt black fittings, so we chose all fittings from shower head to towel rails in matt black and love the classic look of marble.  Being the ever budget conscious people we are, we went for ‘marble look’ tiles.  They look amazing together.

We are yet to install the towel rails and toilet roll holder.  We also need to get a mirror custom made to fit on the wall, but you can use your imagination.

Here are the after photos.

img_1044   img_1043   img_1039


Until next time.

jo xx

Its all too much….

New house, back to school and appointments it’s all too much!  I used to be super organised, however, as a result of moving house, I’m struggling to keep on top of it all.  The main reason is, I haven’t set up my office.

I need inspiration, and for me inspiration = Pinterest.

I can’t remember what I did before Pinterest.

Here are some links to some clever office/study ideas that I might just have to use.


jo xx


10 Unfortunate Truths About Renovating

There are for the most part two sorts of renovators – the ‘move out, call the developers and do it all in one go’ kind, and the ‘live in the wreckage and DIY’ sort. We’re solidly in the last class and six years in the wake of purchasing our cherished Californian Bungalow in Melbourne’s internal […]

via 10 unfortunate truths about DIY renovating — accruerealestate2016

Pantry Organisation Makeover

I’ve been putting off organising my pantry, until today.  I went grocery shopping and couldn’t put it off any longer.

These are the before shots.  Please don’t judge me.
Before I tackle a task like this I head off and check out what ideas I can use to get the job done. So here are some things that I used:

1.  Storage bins.  I bought mine from IKEA and they fit perfectly into my space.

2.  Labels, labels and more labels.  Labelling the storage bins makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for and makes it easy to put things back in its place.

3.  Decide how you are going to group things.

4.  Heavy items should always go on the lowest shelf.  It is the sturdiest shelf and you don’t want anything heavy to fall from the top shelf and crack you on the head!

5.  Place storage bins used the least on higher shelves.  There’s no point reaching up high for items that you are using regularly.

6.  Under shelf baskets.  They instantly create extra storage space.  I’ve got plastic bags in mine. I still haven’t found a nice way to store plastic bags.  Looks horrible but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment.

7.  Tiered shelves.  I bought two recently, the cost $6.00 each and I love them.  Just look at the after photos and you will see why.  They speak for themselves.

8.  Use the doors to install wire racks that can hold spices.  I haven’t gotten that far yet!  I’ve also seen resealable sandwich bags pinned onto the inside of the doors.

9.  If your pantry is deep enough, place some lazy Susan’s in so that you can rotate and view everything on them.

10.  Child friendly containers.  I have one at my sons level so he can access his snacks easily.

Take a look at the after shots.


I cannot explain how good it is to open my pantry and not worry about the disaster inside.

There’s a bit more to be done but for now I’m done.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can take a little bit of this with you and make your home that little bit more organised.

Jo xx.

I’m turning into my mum

I said it wouldn’t happen.  It is.  I’m turning into my mum. (Love you mum).  It’s the moment that you realise technology is slowly becoming harder to use/understand.

I spent my entire day yesterday trying to link my home alarm system to my mobile.

All that needs to be done is download an app, add some details and magically we are done.  Sounds easy right, WRONG.

After searching for the instruction manual for half an hour, I was already thinking this was too hard.  Having moved house recently and having no office yet, my dining table looks like a bomb has hit it.

Finding said instruction manual which is written in broken English and making zero sense, I decided to YouTube the instructions.  For some unknown reason YouTube won’t work on my iPad.  Yep, the videos JUST WONT PLAY!

I give my iPad to my 7 year old, (he’s been home from school with a cold), and it takes him 30 seconds to get it working.  I’M TURNING INTO MY MUM!  He refuses to give it back and starts watching his favourite videos.  I don’t argue, the kid has snot running out of his nose like a tap and looks like a mess.  I feel sorry for him.  So I grab my husbands iPad, clean it due to snot filled 7 year old coughing and sneezing all over it, and spend a good hour trying to find the best video. 99% of them are total cr*p.

I hit the jackpot.  After watching it and re-watching it, I think I’ve got it under control.  App is downloaded, details are entered and we give it a go……..


I try again, keeping in mind, trying again takes about an hour……..

IT WORKS!  I feel like running through the house like an Olympic champion who has won gold.  I’m not turning into my mother! (I love you mum). I test and re-test the system.

The system is basically arming, disarming and being alerted if my alarm is triggered via my mobile.  STILL WORKING!

I think to myself my husband is going to think this is great.  He knows how much I wanted to do this.

Upon arrival of my husband, I show him what I have done today.  I arm the phone via the app on my mobile.  IT WORKS!

I get dear child to trigger the alarm, the alarm sounds, (so loud), my mobile rings to advise alarm has been triggered, I calmly disarm the alarm via the app on my mobile.


I hit the disarm button on the control pad of the alarm.  IT DOESNT WORK!

I freak out, pull the alarm system off the wall and unplug the power and siren, (which is now making my ears bleed).  The alarm continues for what seems to be 2 hours, (not really, but feels painfully long).  I go outside to advise the neighbours of a false alarm.  I plug the alarm panel back in, press a few buttons and for some reason it stops.

I put it all back together and leave it alone, too scared to try again.


Jo xx

Teachers Easter Gifts

Here’s a link to a cute sewing idea for your children’s teacher at Easter.  I did this last year and they were super easy and looked great.  We just added some chocolate eggs and the teachers loved them.

It’s also great if you have lots of scrap material, (like I do!!!!).

This is how mine turned out.


Jo xx

Lounge room renovations

Hey there!  Another project we have on the go is our lounge room fireplace and surround.  When we bought the the home our lounge room looked like this…



It was very dark and not really our style.  The fireplace was perfect, we just needed to make the area lighter.

So, after a bit of demolition and with the help of my builder we gyprocked the entire wall around the fireplace, painted and left them empty until last week.

img_0903    img_0902

I found some kitchen cabinets that would fit the spaces but couldn’t find shaker doors. Buying them custom made would have cost a fortune, so I decided to make them myself.

I cut the doors to the size that I needed.  The next thing I had to learn very fast was how to hang the doors with concealed hinges.

This is the tutorial that I used, and it’s so simple once you have the drill bit.

Once the doors were hung, it was time to make the trim for the front of the doors.  I measured each length took off the doors and tacked the trim onto the doors.


Tacking the trim to the door


Finished trim

After completing the trim, I patched up the holes with some putty, left the doors to dry then sanded the patches.

I was so excited that it was almost done, as it’s been a few months that the lounge room always looked messy.

Next I painted the doors.  I wanted a matt paint so decided to spray them a matt white colour. Waited for them to dry and rehung the doors.

I absolutely love the handles we chose they look amazing on.


Matt black cup handle.


So, we have gone from this..


To this..


Once I have put the skirting board on and found a benchtop I will reveal the whole room.

jo xx


A touch of sewing..

Heres a link to a project I did a few years ago.

I used my son as an excuse to sew this messenger bag for all his swimming lesson “stuff”.  What do you think?


Jo xx

Something a little different for our kids at school.

IMG_0889.JPGHere’s something a little exciting that happened at my sons school this week.

Jo xx