Lounge room renovations

Hey there!  Another project we have on the go is our lounge room fireplace and surround.  When we bought the the home our lounge room looked like this…



It was very dark and not really our style.  The fireplace was perfect, we just needed to make the area lighter.

So, after a bit of demolition and with the help of my builder we gyprocked the entire wall around the fireplace, painted and left them empty until last week.

img_0903    img_0902

I found some kitchen cabinets that would fit the spaces but couldn’t find shaker doors. Buying them custom made would have cost a fortune, so I decided to make them myself.

I cut the doors to the size that I needed.  The next thing I had to learn very fast was how to hang the doors with concealed hinges.

This is the tutorial that I used, and it’s so simple once you have the drill bit.  https://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/how-to-install-concealed-euro-style-cabinet-hinges

Once the doors were hung, it was time to make the trim for the front of the doors.  I measured each length took off the doors and tacked the trim onto the doors.


Tacking the trim to the door


Finished trim

After completing the trim, I patched up the holes with some putty, left the doors to dry then sanded the patches.

I was so excited that it was almost done, as it’s been a few months that the lounge room always looked messy.

Next I painted the doors.  I wanted a matt paint so decided to spray them a matt white colour. Waited for them to dry and rehung the doors.

I absolutely love the handles we chose they look amazing on.


Matt black cup handle.


So, we have gone from this..


To this..


Once I have put the skirting board on and found a benchtop I will reveal the whole room.

jo xx



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