I’m turning into my mum

I said it wouldn’t happen.  It is.  I’m turning into my mum. (Love you mum).  It’s the moment that you realise technology is slowly becoming harder to use/understand.

I spent my entire day yesterday trying to link my home alarm system to my mobile.

All that needs to be done is download an app, add some details and magically we are done.  Sounds easy right, WRONG.

After searching for the instruction manual for half an hour, I was already thinking this was too hard.  Having moved house recently and having no office yet, my dining table looks like a bomb has hit it.

Finding said instruction manual which is written in broken English and making zero sense, I decided to YouTube the instructions.  For some unknown reason YouTube won’t work on my iPad.  Yep, the videos JUST WONT PLAY!

I give my iPad to my 7 year old, (he’s been home from school with a cold), and it takes him 30 seconds to get it working.  I’M TURNING INTO MY MUM!  He refuses to give it back and starts watching his favourite videos.  I don’t argue, the kid has snot running out of his nose like a tap and looks like a mess.  I feel sorry for him.  So I grab my husbands iPad, clean it due to snot filled 7 year old coughing and sneezing all over it, and spend a good hour trying to find the best video. 99% of them are total cr*p.

I hit the jackpot.  After watching it and re-watching it, I think I’ve got it under control.  App is downloaded, details are entered and we give it a go……..


I try again, keeping in mind, trying again takes about an hour……..

IT WORKS!  I feel like running through the house like an Olympic champion who has won gold.  I’m not turning into my mother! (I love you mum). I test and re-test the system.

The system is basically arming, disarming and being alerted if my alarm is triggered via my mobile.  STILL WORKING!

I think to myself my husband is going to think this is great.  He knows how much I wanted to do this.

Upon arrival of my husband, I show him what I have done today.  I arm the phone via the app on my mobile.  IT WORKS!

I get dear child to trigger the alarm, the alarm sounds, (so loud), my mobile rings to advise alarm has been triggered, I calmly disarm the alarm via the app on my mobile.


I hit the disarm button on the control pad of the alarm.  IT DOESNT WORK!

I freak out, pull the alarm system off the wall and unplug the power and siren, (which is now making my ears bleed).  The alarm continues for what seems to be 2 hours, (not really, but feels painfully long).  I go outside to advise the neighbours of a false alarm.  I plug the alarm panel back in, press a few buttons and for some reason it stops.

I put it all back together and leave it alone, too scared to try again.


Jo xx


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