Pantry Organisation Makeover

I’ve been putting off organising my pantry, until today.  I went grocery shopping and couldn’t put it off any longer.

These are the before shots.  Please don’t judge me.
Before I tackle a task like this I head off and check out what ideas I can use to get the job done. So here are some things that I used:

1.  Storage bins.  I bought mine from IKEA and they fit perfectly into my space.

2.  Labels, labels and more labels.  Labelling the storage bins makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for and makes it easy to put things back in its place.

3.  Decide how you are going to group things.

4.  Heavy items should always go on the lowest shelf.  It is the sturdiest shelf and you don’t want anything heavy to fall from the top shelf and crack you on the head!

5.  Place storage bins used the least on higher shelves.  There’s no point reaching up high for items that you are using regularly.

6.  Under shelf baskets.  They instantly create extra storage space.  I’ve got plastic bags in mine. I still haven’t found a nice way to store plastic bags.  Looks horrible but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment.

7.  Tiered shelves.  I bought two recently, the cost $6.00 each and I love them.  Just look at the after photos and you will see why.  They speak for themselves.

8.  Use the doors to install wire racks that can hold spices.  I haven’t gotten that far yet!  I’ve also seen resealable sandwich bags pinned onto the inside of the doors.

9.  If your pantry is deep enough, place some lazy Susan’s in so that you can rotate and view everything on them.

10.  Child friendly containers.  I have one at my sons level so he can access his snacks easily.

Take a look at the after shots.


I cannot explain how good it is to open my pantry and not worry about the disaster inside.

There’s a bit more to be done but for now I’m done.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can take a little bit of this with you and make your home that little bit more organised.

Jo xx.


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