DIY Whiteboard calendar

A while ago in my search for organisation I came across a fab idea.  The DIY dry erase board.  Here are a few I’ve had in the past and made for friends.



There wasn’t a spot big enough for my old one, so it was time for an update.  Any excuse to go shopping!

I normally go to a second hand store and get what I want but none of them had the size I needed.  Here’s the picture frame I ended up buying.



The next thing to do was to remove the photo in the frame and cover the backing board with nice contact or funky wrapping paper, (something that you like the look of as it is going to be the background of your calendar).

I chose a marble look contact.  I’m a bit obsessed with it at the moment.

Decide how big you want the calendar and draft it up on the contact or wrapping paper that you stuck onto backing board.  Do it in pencil as you might not like it and want to change things around to suit.


Once you’re happy with it, then do it again in permanent marker.


Add anything permanent you would like before you put it back in the photo frame and that’s it, you are done.

Here’s  what mine looks like.


I just need to hang it.

Thanks for reading.

jo xx




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