Kitchen renovation update

Can you believe I am still waiting on my kitchen handles?  It’s been two weeks!

Anyway that’s my little whinge.  Don’t worry there’s plenty more where that came from but I won’t subject you to it all!

The kitchen has however, received a little love in the way of kitchen island shiplap.  I wanted to lay them horizontally however, due to the fact we already have shiplap in the same area and it runs vertically I decided to match it.  Whether this will haunt me forever – I’ll let you know!

It was a pretty easy task, again off to Bunnings (hooray) and picked up a humongous sheet of pre fab shiplap.  The friendly staff cut it to the size I needed and home I went to install it.

First thing was to make sure the piece was cut to the correct size.  I had two pieces that needed to be installed.

Slapped some commercial strength glue on the back, slid in into the perfect position. I used some spacers so that the lines ran straight, because there’s not one straight wall or floor in this house.  Got it into position and tacked it into place permanently.



I no more gapped around the sides and now I just need to give it a paint.  Still deciding what colour to paint it.  Do I paint it the wall colour or the cupboard colour?  Please let me know what you think.  After I paint it I will attach the skirting and that’s another job DONE!

Full reveal if my handles ever turn up!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Jo xx


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