How to design our small entrance foyer!

I’ve been putting off doing anything to our entrance foyer, well simply because have no idea what to do.  I would love to have a console table and lovely mirror on the wall but there is not enough room.  This is what my sad little entrance looks like at the moment.


It’s pretty boring.  Yep B O R I N G!  Don’t mind the blue around the glass we haven’t finished painting the exterior of the door yet.  I’m totally in love with light light fitting.

So I hit Pinterest for some ideas, here they are…

Wainscoting – adds interest and texture to a somewhat blah area.  Great article by Remodelaholic.

Faking an entrance foyer – this article is all about making the most of a small space.  There are some great ideas by Good Housekeeping.

Ideas for creating a small entry way by Decorola.

These have given me some inspiration.  Watch this space for an update on my entrance foyer.

Thanks for reading.

Jo xx

Feature image, A beautiful entry designed by @Robert Stilin.






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