DIY kids wall art project for the school holidays 

School holidays are here so I thought I would share a project my son and I did a couple of days ago.  My son is car crazy and since moving into our new home we have neglected decorating his bedroom.  So, this was the perfect time for him to have his say on how he wanted to decorate his room.

We decided on some vintage car posters.  I love Pinterest.  Just type in free printable vintage car posters and up come thousands of, you guessed it, free printable vintage car posters.

The hard part was my son choosing which ones he wanted.  Once he had picked 8 posters, we printed them off, went to IKEA and picked up 8 picture frames, (only $1.99 each, bargain!!!!!)’ came home put them into frames and hung them up.

That’s all it took.  Have a look at the end result.  

He is so happy with the end result and is also very proud “he did it all himself”.  Love.

Thanks for reading.
Jo xx


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