The kitchen is finally done/finished/completed!

Yep, it’s DONE!

Our original kitchen was, um, yellow.  I have nothing against the colour yellow, however, this was the kind of yellow that belonged  in the 80’s and should never have seen the 90’s let alone the new millennium.  All that yellow countertop combined with yellow stained pine.  Let’s just say it was all shades of yellow with a bit of brown thrown in there for good luck.

There was a reason the Real Estate agent didn’t put photos of the kitchen in any of their marketing brochures.

Here are some photos to give you an idea why.

It was dark and small and was definitely time to go.  It’s only saving grace was the skylight above the sink.

We decided to knock down the wall where the pantry  was to open the kitchen into the dining room, which was the best decision we had made.  It was demolition time!

Our budget was pretty small so we decided to go to IKEA.  You all know my love for IKEA, however I was slightly sceptical that an IKEA kitchen would be the right fit for us.  After researching for what seems like an endless amount of time we decided on an all white kitchen with matt black fixtures and fittings.

If you’re planning on installing an IKEA kitchen this site by I heart organizing has the best instructions I have found. They are very thorough and honest about the experience. Because by the time you have assembled your 24th cabinet you will have wished you paid someone to do this.

Once all the slate flooring was removed and the floors were levelled.  This is all the boring stuff no one tells you about!  We were able to start hanging our cabinets.

This is the fiddly part that we got our builder to help us with because older houses never have straight walls and floors.  Ours were a bit wonky to say the least!!!!


Once that was done we had the Caesarstone installed.  We used the caesarstone as the backsplash as well.

We chose gloss white doors, however, changed our minds and installed white shaker doors instead.  They look so amazing and match the style of the home perfectly.

All the plumbing and electrical was then installed, all those finishing touches completed and well here is the finished product.


Hooray!  That’s one big task off my list.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Thanks for reading.

jo xx